Nursing homes are becoming a hot topic across the globe due to the rise of the ageing population in the country. People worldwide are living longer, by 2050, the world’s population aged 60 years and older is expected to total 2 billion, up from 900 million in 2015. This enormous increase has already created a buzz in the importance of more nursing homes.

Nursing homes have the responsibility to provide complete care to their residents. Any minor case of neglection will cause serious legal issues. These homes also care for the ageing population who are suffering from various mental health conditions and physical disabilities. The staff employed in these nursing homes should be professionally trained in various methods of geriatric care. They should be aware of the therapy sessions and counselling sessions specialised for elder people.

What is the purpose of Staff Training?
Staff training is a very important part of both compliance and personal development when it comes to the nursing home industry, and indeed there are many types of training that are entirely essential.

Let’s analyse the important aspects and positives of staff training:
1. Enhance the skills for employees
2. Improves the quality of caregiving
3. Creates safety awareness among employees
4. Provides additional soft skills
5. Giving special care to patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia
6. Protection of old people from abuse
7. Understanding the behavioural and psychological problems of patients
8. Expertise in palliative and end-of-life care
9. Tips for safety and fall prevention
10.Creating a better living environment for inhouse patients

Why Staff Training is important in nursing homes?
Nearly every professional working in health care is required to engage in regular continuing education. Doctors, psychologists, dentists, nurses and almost anyone else who works in these industries are required to complete a certain number of ongoing training and education hours each year. A nursing home should provide education guidelines specifically designed for in-home care workers. The authorities should ensure that the employees are ideally equipped to manage a wide range of health and injuries that they may encounter while working in your nursing home.

When an employee is given adequate training it would be beneficial in the long run for the organisation. An organisation which takes proper care of the elders will soon be known across the country and this will cause an increase in the number of customers thereby increasing the business. This training will boost up the confidence among the staff which creates a positive impact on their working. Even though the staff is aware of the basic service procedures, this training could be useful in updating their knowledge of the latest gadgets and techniques in geriatric care.

Why should you choose HiUp?
HiUp provides online training bundle for the nursing home industry which provides unlimited access to your mandatory training quickly and effectively.. The login process is so simple that it gives your staff the freedom to get trained from anywhere and at anytime.

Let’s find out what are the advantages of HiUp’s Nursing home training:

1. Staff Training- Through our platform, your staff can take their training anytime, anywhere and on any device irrespective of mobile, tab or laptop. The training is done through interactive video, animation and audio which makes the learning experience supreme.
2. Communication & Engagement- The company news and regular updates reach the staff through the internal news feed. It enables them to update videos, photos, documents and many more taking the communication and engagement to the next level.
3. No Limits in Training – We provide you with unlimited training courses so that you don’t have to reorder in case if you have to hire new staff to your organisation.
4. Development & Retention – Staff retention could be made by investing in the training of the employees by providing them with exactly what needed. This keeps them engaged in the activities in the company and increasing their sincerity towards the company.
5. Certification- Once the staff had completed the course, The HiUp platform will automatically generate the training certificate. You can store this certificate digitally or could print for future use.
6. Save Time & Money- The HiUp platform provides your business with 75% savings in training costs and 80% savings in staff downtime. This is the lowest cost of training available in the market.
7. Company Branding- You can make the platform look unique by uploading your Nursing homes logo and background image. This makes your employees brand aware and also making it a unique platform for your company.
8. Social Media Platform compatible – Our platform is compatible to integrate your social media so that everything can be easily accessed from one place.

What courses does our Online bundle contain?

RoSPA- Fire Safety Awareness
NHNP Dementia Care
NHNP Knowing The Person With Dementia
NHNP Understanding And Managing Delirium
Olive – Infection Control
GDPRcourse – GDPR Staff Awareness (Ireland)
Nutrition And Feeding In Care Homes
Soft Skills Delegation Skills
Olive Media Manual Handling
NHNP Communication In Dementia Care
NHNP Understanding And Managing Distressed Behaviours That Are Challenging
Palliative Care
Safeguarding Against Abuse
Medication And The Resident With Dementia
Soft Skills Change Management
RoSPA – Basic First Aid Awareness
Olive Media CPR And AED Awareness

How do you Sign up?

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