How do restaurants train servers?

43% of restaurants do not offer new hires a training manual. Over 50% offer no safety training at all. Well trained and confident staff can bring new life to any restaurant, yet so many managers neglect employee training. Besides detracting from customer experience, poorly trained staff put your business at risk. Failing to properly train restaurant staff will increase the chance of workplace accidents. Inspectors won’t be happy when they hear you have no records of training either. There are some restaurant server training tips you can start implementing today:

1. Build a communication plan

All businesses need one thing, transparent communication. Including everyone – servers, bussers, hostesses, and cooks, is imperative for a restaurant to run smoothly. Regular evaluations and pre-shift meetings help to ensure that all staff members are on the same page. Set aside time each month to refresh or train staff using real-life customer scenarios.

2. Learn the menu

A mandatory requirement for all new hires should be to learn the menu. One of the most common customer complaints is that the waitstaff didn’t know the menu. A bad customer experience can affect your sales and lead to bad reviews. Staff that know the menu can make valuable and informed recommendations.

3. Core value beliefs

Committed and motivated staff are the driving force behind a restaurant. When training employees, it’s important you share your business’ core values. This will make your restaurant staff feel value and add a sense of attachment to the brand. These values will help align staff behavior with your policies and procedures.

4. Online Training and compliance

HiUp has online courses for restaurants of Ireland. The platform was built in association with the RAI (Restaurants Association of Ireland). It’s an easy-to-use online hub to train your staff, ensuring that your business is 100% industry compliant. Your business will have unlimited access to all of your required mandatory training.  This will save you up to 75%  in training costs + reducing staff downtime by 80%. Health and Safety Training in restaurants, food safety, manual handling and GDPR are just a few of the many courses available.