How do restaurants train staff?

There are generally 3 ways to train restaurant staff. Getting this right is vital for your business, well trained employees can elevate any restaurant. Aside from the customer experience and general efficiency improvements, it protects your business. The single best way to improve regulatory compliance in restaurants is to improve training. Keeping your business safe and up to date should be at the forefront of your mind. If your employees do not know what to do and how, do not be surprised if they encounter problems. If you didn’t already, hopefully you now see the importance and vast implications of your employee training program. Let’s get into the options your restaurant has:

On the job training:

This is the training approach you might be using right now. With this approach, there is minimal structure or consistency. Staff picks up knowledge and skills as situations develop. While this method is simple, it tends to leave significant gaps.

Traditional classroom training:

Once upon a time, this was the gold standard for company training. It allows employees to focus on a structured program and learn a great deal in a short period. Unfortunately, it is also costly. This training approach is poorly suited to most restaurant employees who have irregular schedules. You might also find it difficult to keep records on who attended training when. That means it is tough to answer questions if inspectors ask for your records.

Online on-demand training:

This is the best training choice for restaurant employees since it offers both flexibility and depth. Employees can sign up for courses and complete them whenever they have time. From a manager’s point of view, an online training platform also offers tracking and reporting. That means you can find out with a few clicks which employees have completed training and which need a reminder.

Offering online training to your employees is easy. Sign up for HiUp’s platform, built in co-operation with the Restaurant Association of Ireland. Let us set up everything for your restaurant.